Non-Disclosure Agreement

Rezving Community Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This Non-Disclosure Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between the parties involved in the exchange of confidential information within Rezving Community (“Parties”). The purpose of this Agreement is to protect the confidentiality of certain information and to outline the terms and conditions governing the NDA, including the following key provisions:

1. Definitions of Confidential Information:

  • “Confidential Information” refers to any and all non-public, proprietary, or sensitive information disclosed by one Party to the other, including but not limited to business plans, financial information, trade secrets, project details, and any other information that is not publicly available.

2. Obligations of Parties Involved:

  • The Parties agree not to disclose, share, or disseminate any Confidential Information to any third party, either during the term of this Agreement or at any time thereafter, without the express written consent of the disclosing Party.
  • Parties agree to use Confidential Information solely for the purpose of the agreed-upon collaboration within Rezving Community.

3. Duration of Confidentiality:

  • The confidentiality obligations under this Agreement continue indefinitely, unless otherwise specified by a subsequent agreement.
  • Even after the collaboration or relationship has ended, Parties must continue to protect the confidentiality of any disclosed information.

4. Consequences of Breach:

  • In the event of a breach of this Agreement, the breaching Party may be subject to legal action, including injunctive relief and monetary damages.
  • Parties acknowledge that breaches of confidentiality can cause irreparable harm and agree that injunctive relief is an appropriate remedy.

5. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:

  • This Agreement is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where Rezving Community is registered.
  • Disputes arising from or related to this Agreement are subject to mediation and, if necessary, arbitration as specified by the dispute resolution mechanisms in the Collaboration Agreement.

6. Return of Confidential Information:

  • Upon request or at the termination of the relationship, Parties agree to promptly return or destroy all documents and materials containing Confidential Information.

7. Exceptions to Confidentiality:

  • This Agreement does not apply to information that is already publicly known, independently developed, or obtained legally from a source other than the disclosing Party.

8. Entire Agreement:

  • This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the Parties regarding the confidentiality of information and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements.

By signing this Agreement, Parties acknowledge their commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of the information exchanged within the context of their collaboration within Rezving Community.

This Agreement is effective as of [Effective Date].