Liability Waivers

Rezving Community Liability Waivers


This section outlines the terms and conditions associated with liability waivers, including acknowledging risks, releasing liability, consenting to participate in activities, and potential arbitration or dispute resolution clauses:

1. Acknowledgment of Risks:

  • Participants in Rezving Community activities and projects acknowledge that certain inherent risks are associated with these activities.
  • This section outlines the importance of understanding these risks and taking personal responsibility for participation.

2. Release of Liability for Injuries or Damages:

  • Participants agree to release Rezving Community, its organizers, collaborators, and other participants from liability for injuries or damages sustained during activities.
  • This release extends to personal injuries, property damages, and any other losses incurred during participation.

3. Consent to Participate in Activities:

  • By participating in Rezving Community activities, individuals give their informed and voluntary consent to engage in these activities.
  • Participants are encouraged to seek legal advice and carefully read and understand the risks associated with each activity.

4. Arbitration or Dispute Resolution Clauses:

  • In the event of disputes or disagreements related to the liability waiver, an arbitration or dispute resolution mechanism may be specified.
  • This mechanism outlines the process for addressing disputes and achieving a resolution.

5. Governing Law:

  • This section is governed by the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which Rezving Community is registered.

Liability waivers are a fundamental aspect of participating in community activities, promoting transparency and safety. Participants are encouraged to thoroughly review the terms and consult with legal professionals when needed.

This section is effective as of 17/10/2023.