Intellectual Property Agreements

Rezving Community Intelectual Property Agreement


This section outlines the terms and conditions related to intellectual property, including ownership, usage rights, dispute resolution, and licensing arrangements for the collaborative project within Rezving Community:

1. Ownership and Usage Rights of Intellectual Property:

  • Intellectual property created or contributed to the Project shall be owned by the creator unless otherwise specified in a written agreement.
  • Collaborators grant Rezving and other collaborators a non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, and distribute Project-related intellectual property solely for Project purposes.

2. Procedures for Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Disputes:

  • Any disputes related to copyright, trademark, or patent ownership shall be resolved through legal means and in accordance with applicable intellectual property laws.
  • Collaborators are responsible for securing the rights to any third-party intellectual property used in the Project.

3. Licensing and Royalties Agreements:

  • Licensing and royalties agreements for the use of intellectual property may be negotiated and documented separately for each project.
  • Collaborators involved in creating intellectual property may be entitled to a share of royalties or compensation as agreed upon in writing.

4. Protection of Intellectual Property:

  • Collaborators agree to take reasonable measures to protect intellectual property from unauthorized use, disclosure, or infringement.
  • It is the responsibility of collaborators to enforce and protect their intellectual property rights.

5. Inclusion of Attribution:

  • Collaborators using or displaying another party’s intellectual property shall provide appropriate attribution in accordance with any relevant licensing or usage agreements.

6. Governing Law:

  • This section is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where Rezving Community is registered.

By participating in the Project, collaborators acknowledge their commitment to respecting intellectual property rights, complying with relevant licensing agreements, and following applicable laws and regulations related to intellectual property.

This section is effective as of [Effective Date].