Collaboration Agreements

Rezving Community Collaboration Agreement

This Collaboration Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between the collaborators participating in a collaborative project within Rezving Community (“Collaboration”). The purpose of this Agreement is to outline the terms and conditions governing the Collaboration, including the following key provisions:

1. Purpose and Objectives of the Collaboration:

  • The Collaboration’s purpose and objectives are described in the project proposal or documentation specific to the initiative.
  • All collaborators are aligned with and committed to achieving these objectives.

2. Roles and Responsibilities of Collaborators:

  • Each collaborator has a defined role and specific responsibilities within the Collaboration. These roles are outlined in the project proposal or documentation.
  • Collaborators are expected to fulfill their roles to the best of their abilities and contribute positively to the project’s success.

3. Profit-Sharing Arrangements:

  • Profit-sharing arrangements are determined and documented in the project proposal.
  • The agreement specifies the distribution of profits among collaborators, taking into account individual contributions and project outcomes.

4. Funding and Financial Commitments:

  • Collaborators may be required to make financial contributions to fund the project. The funding requirements and individual financial commitments are outlined in the project proposal.
  • Collaborators are responsible for fulfilling their financial commitments as agreed.

5. Project Timeline and Milestones:

  • The project timeline, including key milestones and deadlines, is detailed in the project proposal.
  • Collaborators must adhere to the project schedule to ensure the project’s successful execution.

6. Dispute Resolution Mechanisms:

  • In the event of disputes or conflicts among collaborators, a dispute resolution mechanism is in place as outlined in the project documentation.
  • The mechanism may involve mediation, arbitration, or other agreed-upon procedures to address and resolve conflicts.

7. Project Amendments and Changes:

  • Collaborators acknowledge that changes to project objectives, roles, responsibilities, or profit-sharing arrangements may occur during the course of the Collaboration.
  • Any proposed changes should be communicated, discussed, and documented for mutual agreement.

8. Termination of Collaboration:

  • Collaboration may be terminated for various reasons, including project completion, failure to meet objectives, or conflicts among collaborators.
  • Collaborators agree to handle the termination process in accordance with the documented procedures.

9. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure:

  • Collaborators may have access to sensitive project information. All parties agree to maintain confidentiality and not disclose proprietary or confidential information.

10. Governing Law: – This Agreement is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where Rezving Community is registered.

This Collaboration Agreement represents a binding commitment among collaborators and outlines the essential terms and responsibilities required to achieve the objectives of the Collaboration. Collaborators affirm their understanding of and agreement to these terms.

This Agreement is effective as of 17/10/2023.