Dispute Resolution Agreement

Rezving Community Dispute Resolution Agreement


This section outlines the terms and procedures for addressing conflicts and disputes within the Rezving Community, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, the selection of an impartial mediator or arbitrator, and the enforcement of dispute resolution decisions:

1. Procedures for Addressing Conflicts within the Community:

  • Rezving Community is committed to fostering a collaborative and respectful environment. However, conflicts and disputes may arise.
  • This section outlines the procedures for addressing and resolving such conflicts to maintain a harmonious and productive community.

2. Steps for Negotiation, Mediation, or Arbitration:

  • When conflicts or disputes arise, the primary goal is to resolve them amicably and efficiently. The following steps are established for addressing conflicts:
    • Negotiation: Parties involved in the dispute attempt to reach an agreement through discussion and compromise.
    • Mediation: If negotiation fails to resolve the issue, the parties may engage a neutral third party (mediator) to facilitate discussions and find common ground.
    • Arbitration: If mediation does not lead to a resolution, parties may opt for arbitration, where an impartial arbitrator renders a binding decision.

3. Selection of an Impartial Mediator or Arbitrator:

  • In the event that mediation or arbitration is required, the selection of a mediator or arbitrator is crucial.
  • A mediator or arbitrator should be impartial, unbiased, and experienced in conflict resolution. Selection may be achieved through mutual agreement or by a process specified in the Rezving Community guidelines.

4. Enforcement of Dispute Resolution Decisions:

  • Decisions made through mediation or arbitration are binding, and all parties involved in the dispute agree to abide by the resolution.
  • Non-compliance with the resolution may result in legal consequences or actions as outlined in the Rezving Community guidelines.

5. Governance of Dispute Resolution:

  • This section is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where Rezving Community is registered.

Rezving Community encourages open and respectful communication to resolve disputes. However, when disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation, this Dispute Resolution Agreement outlines a structured process to ensure fair and impartial resolution.

This section is effective as of [Effective Date].


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