Rezving Community

At Rezving Community, Our Main Goal is to Build a World Wilde Community, we’re all about fostering the spirit of young Generation but we still need to have the old school around us as the main path to this point where we are right now. Rezving Community focus on relationships and contact network which is the main way to survive in this universe.

What we do:

We are creative in several domains which is: Events and meetings organization, creating web and mobile projects, creating local projects studies and professional fellowship of projects,

The Step by Step Idea

  1. Social Environment:
    Rezving Community is on a mission to start by creating Events and Meeting to create Contacts portfolio for the next step.
    You can join the events on our events page from the main menu above or by clicking here
  2. Projects Ideas Promotion
    In our platform we will post projects ideas to be voted on good projects before we take them to the field execution and study and send post them to integration and execution page, beside that we will post some per-constructed projects which will be directly

A Community of Collaborators:

We've started as a local traders' community, with a vision to create a platform that funds and supports innovative local projects. Imagine renting coffee shops and restaurants, hosting vibrant events, and organizing inspiring seminars. That's just the beginning of our exciting journey.
Beyond The Strategy

Projects Strategy:

Our strategy revolves around identifying and nurturing project ideas that align with the aspirations of our young collaborators. We conduct in-depth studies, analyze market dynamics, and select projects that provide opportunities for you to invest, diversify your portfolios, and benefit from your collective successes.
Step Nº1

Joining Events

Joining the events created by Rezving Community is more than spending time and drink but to take a shut of business ideas and meet brilliant people who have the Business Collaboration Mindset and who are ready to go farther than spending time and having fun, our events will go under the title “Sip & Strategize: Business Mixology Event.”

Step Nº2

get the official Integration Projects

Welcome to the heart of collaboration within Rezving Community. Our “Collaboration Projects” page is where innovation begins, and your voice matters. Here, you’ll find a curated selection of projects that are in the early stages of development. These projects are the fruit of creative minds within our community Events, and they’re seeking your support and feedback. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an industry expert, or simply passionate about making a difference, this is where your journey starts. Vote, engage, and be a part of projects that have the potential to reshape our future.




Step Nº3

Collaborate to Projects election

Step into the realm of growth and investment with our “projects execution” These are the projects that have gained the community’s trust and are now ready for serious trade and funding. The journey from idea to reality is a collective effort, and here’s where that journey takes flight. Explore projects that have been elevated by your votes and engagement and discover opportunities to invest in ventures that can redefine industries. Rezving Community is about turning potential into reality, and our “Integration Projects” page is the epicenter of that transformation.

Our highlited aim

Think together - work together - enjoy together 🙂

to market

big thing

success rates


1:Plans and Fundamentals

1:Plans and Fundamentals

Rezving Community facilitates the project creation process by offering a platform where project ideas are submitted to the pending projects list. These project proposals are then put to a vote among our community of traders. Projects that garner the support of over 50% of Rezving Collaborators are elevated to the official project list, signaling the commencement of the project's execution process.
    • Define Your Idea
    • Project Goals
    • Alignment with Values
    • Assess Viability
    •  Budgeting
    • Funding Needs
    • Funding Model
    • Set Funding Target
    • Communicate Benefits
  • 2:Collaboration


    We'll orchestrate a collaborative journey meeting to facilitate the gathering of necessary legal documents and to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the project's requirements. This crucial step takes place after we've compiled the list of traders who are prepared to participate in the project. Once these essentials are in place, we'll ensure that the project is adequately funded and ready for action.

      • Benefits
      • Expression of Interest
      • Detailed Plan
      • Project Leadership
      • Transparent Tracking
      • Legal Compliance
      • Contractual Agreements
      • Legal Expertise
    3:Project Execution

    3:Project Execution

    In this pivotal phase, we breathe life into your project. With a dynamic launch, continuous communication, and transparent tracking, your vision becomes a tangible reality. It's the moment when collaboration and innovation converge to bring about meaningful change within Rezving Community.



    • Project Launch
    • Ongoing Communication
    • Transparent Process
    • Fair Earnings
    • Feedback Collection
    • Continuous Enhancement
    4:valuation & Growth

    4:valuation & Growth

    In the Evaluation and Growth phase, we measure the project's achievements, assess its impact, and determine its alignment with initial goals. Goal attainment is celebrated, and successful projects open doors to scaling and new opportunities. We're dedicated to continuous improvement, leveraging past experiences to foster growth and enhance our dynamic community.

    • Measuring Success
    • Goal Achievement
    •  Scalability
    • Leveraging Experience
    Results in
    your hands
    Rezving Community

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